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XS2 (21-30 cm) 
 S1 (25-35 cm)       
(31-40 cm
M1 (35-45 cm)

M2 (41-50 cm
L1 (45-55 cm )
L2 (51-60 cm)
XL1 (55-65 cm)

Collar width:
2 cm
2.5 cm
3 cm
Collar type:
Plastic buckle
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 My dog's name
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I would like my dog portrait (+16 Euro)
Please write for more details as to how the dog collar :)
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What you'd like to sample

If you have no idea, check out the previously reference products, Or choose from existing patterns. www.bol-dog.com

If you would like a portrait collar, upload a good quality photo of your dog.

Leash type:
Decorated with handle leash 120 cm
Decorated with handle leash 150 cm
Fully decorated leash 120 cm
Fully decorated leash 150 cm
Training leash 200 cm
ID tags Round (32mm)
Friendship bracelets
Wrist round (cm)

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